Need tuner help in Wisconsin area?


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Help need tuner in Wi/No. IL area.

I have dialed in my Speed Pro to 100% of my ability and am looking for a tuner in my area (Madison,WI) who can fully optimize the system. I would say I am about 65-70 percent of the way there OK maybe 50%. Idles fair, cruises OK, wide open is thrilling, but transitions and all the in between stuff is kind of iffy if you know what I mean. Anybody know of someone in the Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford, or north Chicago area who is a wizz tuning. I have tried to set up a Saturday with Jim Summers at ASSC in Lake Bluff for months but he is always at the races when I can make it down there. Anybody know if he would be worth additional effort to pursue or just take a day off work to see?? Any other ideas?????
You may want to try the guys at Fast times Motorworks just north of Chicago. Jeff D'Agustino seems to have a pretty good handle on the speedpro system.