Need tuner in South Florida ASAP!!! HELP, sY OWNER


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May 4, 2012
I feel totally alone in So Flo ( South Florida ) All these geeks want to do is tune LS1's and newer. Can anybody recomend a good tuner in Florida. Thanks for the help.
What do you need tuned, stock or aftermarket system? Where are you located?
Just rebuilt the engine. all stock except for forged pistons and a superchip the previous owner put it. Currently running at 15 psi. I need to get the truck checked out by someone that knows the truck and what the setup should be. Dont wanna break anything. Im in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Laz in Miami (user name is "laz") can probably help...he knows his stuff
The best thing to do is educate yourself on the truck.
The chip and scantool are next. Eric at now offers a programmable chip and scantool. Without the scantool.. nobody can work on the truck.
Immerse yourself in reading about the tuning aspects.. quit putting the truck into boost until the scantool has been read and all the basic parameters fall where they need to be.
I dont know anyone in Florida that truly specializes on that truck. There was a guy in Ga named Michael Hood that works on them. You can search his name on
And it all means nothing if you dont have a basic grasp on the scantool and its usage.
Hope this helps,
I bought a Syclone a couple of months back. And it is a stock truck. I am going easy on the boost til I get a Scanmaster 3, don't want to damage anything. Eric at has the Scanmaster 3 and chips and a few other goodies. Michael Hood is just outside of Savannah, GA. Here is his website, there is contact info. on it. Good luck!
There are tons of syty owners in fl that know there stuff nd have been in the game a longtime.
First thing I'd do is remove that superchips chip they aren't any improvement over stock.

Post on syty and find a Local that knows these trucks not just a performance shop and save thousands and headaches now because it's a common pitfall to think just anybody that can work on cars can get these trucks to run properly

Good luck