Need Valeo (Ramcharger?) fan only


May 5, 2006
Need to replace one side of a dual fan setup. Approx 12" diameter, mf'd by Valeo, but I don't know what vehicle was the donor.

The motor shaft that the hub mounts to has two flats on it.

Price plus shipping to 66049. Thanks.


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Driver's, but the ones I have look to be interchangeable.
Not sure if the first post was clear--the motor's OK, just need the fan itself.

If you think you have one, I'll do some closer measuring on the broken piece.

for those of you that have been replacing the motors, how do you get the fan blade off of the motor?
There's something like an 8mm nut that holds the fan onto the motor. I can't recall for sure, but it may be a left hand thread.
Guys seriously dnt mess with these fans they just dont last:eek::mad::mad::mad:

. I have been through 2 sets:mad: and even a few motors:(. They will only last a year or so before teh motors bearings start to die.

Go with spals or teh dual jegs HTH