need your opinion


Dec 24, 2004
hey guys,

i just installed my new tranny from brian... super nice unit and bought a ptc 9.5 inch n/l with 2800 stall setup for a 6765 dbb billet wheel turbo but curently running a ta49 with a precision .63 a/r till i can get the funds to purchase the new turbo...

ive never had a car with an aftermarket torque converter but i drove the car today and at 0 psi it stalls at 2800 then when im accelorating itll jump up to about 4000 rpms and itll barley be at 25-30 mph. when cruising around 65 mph ill give it a little gas and itll down shift and the rpms go way up to about 4500-5000 but mph barely moves.... am i doing something wrong??

id like your guys opinion. thanks
Sounds a bit loose to me. :eek:

I'd double check if you have a box or paperwork etc. maybe they put the wrong one in there, check the model numbers.... data... etc. :confused:
i didnt see any model number on a sheet of paper but i think im gonna call dusty tomorrow
Give me a call in the afternoon so I can get more details.

The 2800 is right where you need to be so the converter isn't too loose or it would be stalling much more at 0#. After the downshift, if your not going WOT it's most likely acting like it should. As you apply the throttle, the car downshifts and the rpm climbs due to the lower gear. If your not applying more throttle to get the car to accelerate the car will just hang there at a certain rpm. You may also check for the proper TV cable setting to make sure it isn't holding the gear to long.