Never say Die. A tribute to my brother, Alan.


Let loose the Boost!!
Nov 4, 2004
My brother, Alan Cheney, is the hardest worker I have ever known. He is part robot if you ask me. We own 2 businesses: National Dent Inc. and A&A Performance, so I know how hard he works and what he puts into it because we work everything 50/50. He can absolutely run circles around me, as most big brothers can. I sometimes have to yell at him JUST STOP!! I have the highest respect for him and admire him like no other. I'll get to the point..

When he bought his 88 Iroc Z28 over 10 years or so ago, he went to work on it that day. New go-fast goodies would take the car from a low 14 to 12.20's on pump gas with Lingenfelters & Jim Formato's chip. Years after, he would go on to build his first hybrid Project. The 88 ZNX which would have the Buick Turbo V6 power plant. He has overcome every obsticle that the project has given him and believe me there have been a million with that car. No one said it would be easy, but it didnt stop him. His goal is that 8 second pass. When he finally got the V6 beast to the track, his 1st pass was a 12.00 at 120 blowing through the converter. a quick change netted a 10.76 @ 134!! So with that "Go Faster" itch, Leeo Thompson helped him build a awesome Stage II that would be plauged with electrical problems at the BG Nats last year and later would shatter in Reynolds GA that same year. He had exhausted himself trying to find the cause of the blown engine and it was heart breaking when he learned it was a bad coil. He just said "well, I have the 109 in the shop" so we put it back in the Camaro after a quick freshening up. Then he encountered head gasket problems with the Champion heads on the 109. The drivers side contiuously was lifting and would blow at 20psi. After NUMEROUS attempts to repair and try to find the problem, his luck would run out at the Nats this year due to blowing the head gasket twice. "No worries, I still have the TA Heads off of the Stage II, I can get them rebuilt and try them." (He should be ready for Reynolds this year hopefully.) But to go through all he has been through, spent what he has spent, cried, laughed, busted his knuckles, and keeps on keeping on, I am just truly amazed that someone like that hasnt thrown in the towel. I'm proud to say Thats my Brother and I'll be right there helping him achieve that 8 sec goal.

Jason Cheney


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Hey, your vacuum pump is boxed up and ready to ship, thanks again, you guys really worked hard getting the head off and on, good luck.
I really hope that you find the mystery problem. Usually when something goes bad it's the smallest of things thats sets it off. Give me a call if there is anything that I can do to help.

Dave Fiscus
Nice job on that car guys.
Im with Dave,Call if you need to bend someones ear.
Great to see you guys AGAIN, lets plan on being at Reynolds and if you guys have or need any help I will more then happy to lend a hand!!!!!

Brian good to see you too!!!!!!

941 416 7509 give me a call any time!!!

thanks JD
Great to see you guys again Jason and Alan! Give me a call if your in the KC area. Later, Bob 816-392-7627
Everything Jason said is TRUE and I am proud to say Alan is also the best husband any girl could ever dream of! I love you, Debbie
You are one hell of a brother also, i hope you andyour brother the best. Good luck and keepon trucking.