New ARB and Wishbone for my Pro Street Regal

It's been a while since I've been on here, but I've been pretty active on other forums in the past, so I'll try to make a better habit of coming back here to check in.

Anyhow, I finally got the back half project to a point that I can start moving on, and the next step was to keep the housing in place with a wishbone and an anti-roll bar. A few years ago I ordered an anti-roll bar and a wishbone from S&W Race cars, and they have just been sitting on the shelf waiting for me to get to this point, so I decided to put them on, and that's where the issues started. I assumed, since my back half was also a S&W piece that everything was made to work together, which is sort of true. The wishbone would work only if you mount it in a forward orientation under the housing. The ARB really didn't fit worth a damn, the arms landed in a horrible spot on the housing, pushing the tabs off center and forward. So I decided to step my game up a little bit and come up with a new plan.

Anti Roll Bar

The S&W ARB had three major issues. It's heavy (26 pounds), It doesn't fit, and it uses a splined torsion bar which have been known to fail. So I decided to replace it with with a universal kit from TRZ Motorsports. I'm sure everyone here knows the quality that TRZ puts out, and I have their entire front end on my car already so I knew I was getting a good piece. It's about half the weight of the S&W unit, fits much better, and the arms weld on to a piece of thick wall 4130 tubing, making it much stronger. It also has a zirk fitting to make maintenance simple, I like simple.





This was a tough one for me. The problem, other than the fit, with a wishbone is that there is a metal on metal slip joint that moves ALL the time. They require a ton of maintenance, and I'm not about unnecessary maintenance, I want to enjoy my car. So I ordered the unwelded version of this kit from Tim McAmis Performance Parts. TMPP makes top tier parts for 3,500hp pro mods, so this is a very very stout piece. What I love about it is that instead of metal on metal, it uses bearings in the slip tube, which means I can set it and forget it. This wishbone can also be mounted in either location (top or bottom) and in both forward and reverse orientations, perfect!




The Install

The install was fairly straightforward. I changed how the ARB was mounted so I had to get some custom tabs made, and the wishbone doesn't come pre-notched so you can make your own design. I still have to finish the assembly and add the tabs to the housing, which is coming up in the next video hopefully. You can watch the current video below.

Great work, I watched your videos this weekend. What exactly are you building, a pro stock GN? I sure wouldn't drive it on the street.