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Nov 12, 2012
Hello all, I thought I'd finally join the site as I finally acquired myself a TR. I've used this site many times to find info on these cars, and for searching for a car for myself in the past. There is a lot of great information on the site and I can't wait to put it to good use.
I recently picked up an '85 Regal T-type from a friend who was thinning out his assortment of cars. It's my third G-body car, but by far my favorite. (also have had an '86 monte and an '80 malibu wagon)
Sad part is, car is going into storage this weekend as we are apparently getting snow very shortly :(
Although that gives me time to get some minor issues sorted out before spring :D .
Here are 2 pics of the car, sorry for crappy cell phone pics, anyways car used to be brown was painted 2 years ago, and someone in the past has swapped it to the aluminum bumpers and drums.
All in all for a Southern Ontario car it's in quite excellent shape, 119,***kms on it and still pulls pretty decent. Just need to figure out the random misfire at idle and a couple other things. And tidy up the mess of an engine bay. Not too bad for $3,500 I don't think though.
Welcome aboard, alot of good info and people to help you out!!
Car looks good, just a little clean up and detailing and you'll be good!! :)
Hello and Welcome to!!! :)

All in all it looks like you did alright!
That's a lot of car for $3,500.00 bucks. Looks good too. Congrats and welcome to the site.:)

Mike Barnard