New best times today!


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May 26, 2001
Went to Island today. It was a madhouse as usual. Took 3 hours to get 2 runs in.

My previous best was a 12.269 @ 111.64 on 28" tall drag radials. My DRs are toast so today I figured I'd run the 26x10 M&H slicks that I picked up used but never had the 'nads to use. I had a full tank of Sunoco 100 unleaded and a 98 octane chip (Extender "alky" edition). It was nerve wracking because when you have slicks they put you with the big dogs. I don't have big dog power, just want the traction. But there I was.

Rolled up to do a burn out. There's a 9-second Camaro next to me. I can't hear a thing. I'm doing my burnout but can only seem to get 40 MPH out of them. Hmmmm.....knock gauge is pegged. WTF? The track official looked at me and shrugged like "what do you want to do?". I indicated I wanted to just go. So I lined up and left the line a little easy in case there was something wrong. Got a 1.769 60' time - a personal best with the GN but crappy for slicks. Felt good. No knock, so I stayed in it. Ran a 12.115 @ 111.48. Slicks feel a little different than the radials but not scary. BLMs were between 128 and 134, O2 high 700s. Figured I could get away with some more boost and timing.

Second time I lined up I added 2 degrees of WOT timing via the T+. Left the boost alone (around 22 PSI). This time I did a proper burnout (turns out the first time I left it in 1st by mistake :eek: . Slicks nice and warm I spooled up the turbo to about 8 PSI (was skeered to do anymore) and let 'er rip. 60' of 1.687. Still not spectacular for slicks, but again a personal best. Felt great, but it spun just after it launched. It grabbed again and away I went. A personal best of 11.938 @ 111.79 (7.579 @ 90.72 in the 1/8th). Woo hoo! Finally an 11-second timeslip.

Feels kinda like a hollow victory 'cause I used the slicks, but my 60' times are still in DR territory. I think next time out I'm going to try some fresh DRs. My MPH is a lot lower than I want it to be, but I have a lot of room in the boost and timing department according to my Directscan numbers. I'd like to be in the high teens at some point, so I have to think about what I should do during this winter's hibernation (suggestions are welcome).

That is all.

Cool. I hope to be there someday.
Cool nice job. :cool:

Have to run my new tires also one last time this year I hope. :)

Mine are Hoosier QTP's that have 3 little grooves in them so they are street tires. :D

Just can't hook the Nittos past 1.82 or so, prolly leaving with boost but it's fun to do that. :p

Hope to see a real low 12 myself.
actually your mph is right on.....if your et improves and your hp doesn't change, your mph will not increase (it usually goes down)

I would say that for most folks, a 1.6 60' on drag radials is a hellova an accomplishment unless you're making 600 don't be disappointed if you can't match it on DR's

you have to make a choice between optimizing your et at the track and running with tires that don't work well there........

good luck and have fun!
Thanks all for the replies.

I guess my MPH is constant now, so I've nearly maximized my ET for that MPH. Now I want more MPH. I wanna run 11s on DRs and it seems that in order to do that I have to give up some traction which means I need more juice. Next time out I'll crank up the boost and timing some more and try locking the converter. Next time out won't be 'til next year, though - Island closes next week for the season.

Thanks again,
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I bet locking the converter gives you 3 mph.

Hope you got a good one. :D

Me too - it's a ProTorque from Level10. I hear they make good stuff so we'll see how it holds up.