New Clutches?


Texas, Where are you from
Sep 10, 2002
I was perusing the wares of several transmission parts sellers on ebay. I know this might not be the best place to get the rebuild parts I need but it does give me an idea what I should be paying for such items. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and to get some service after the sale the stuff usually costs more.

That said I ran across this rebuild kit. I know it has been established that the kevlar band is not a good piece and should be avoided but what are stage one clutches? Is this a new development? I thought some of the 'pros' would know.

eBay Motors: 200-4R 2004R RAYBESTOS STAGE 1 TRANSMISSION REBUILD KIT (item 8003595441 end time Aug-18-07 21:32:52 PDT)

I'm not familiar with the Raybestos Stage 1 clutches.
Save your cash, buy a kit from a vendor here.
You don't need the Kolene steels, you don't need any fancy frictions in most of the clutch packs, a stock Borg Warner friction holds up well, even in the directs in a mild application.

The only band to use is the Alto Red Eagle Wide band for several reasons.

I'm in TX and sell complete kits if you get ready to buy one I'll definitely be competitive with the Ebay places and I have OD pistons machined for 3 clutches in stock, and other pieces that aren't a part of most "kits" but you need to do a proper rebuild. TCC solenoid, thrusts, selectives, etc.

I'm sure Chris at CK, Brian, and half a dozen others here can also help you out.