NEW Complete Speed Density Setup MAF Translator Pro, Caspers P&P Harness, DataLogger, WB02, 80s, etc


May 23, 2001
All of these parts are brand new in the package, never opened. Purchased everything from Mike & Marianne at Full Throttle Speed. Prefer to sell together as they were designed and matched to be used together, translator pro extender chip was matched to this combo as well.

MAF Translator Pro - New in package
DataLogger - New in package
Caspers Plug & Play Harness - New in package
80# high inpediance injectors (works with stock ECM) - New in package
Innovate LC-1 Wideband 02 Sensor Kit, complete kit WITH gauge, harness, new wideband 02, 02 bung, etc. - all new in package, everything you need.
Extender Pro chip with anti-theft for 80# injectors - chip can be redone by Mike if you desire different options or a different combo - new in package as well.

This is the ultimate tuning setup for the stock ECM. It is a complete speed density setup that will work with with or without a MAF sensor (most eliminate it) you can track with the Wideband 02, make adjustments to fuel and timing without a laptop through the translator's digital display. This really is the ultimate setup for the stock ECU.

This setup cost me over $1500 including injectors and shipping. Its all just the same way I got it from full throttle speed. First $1050 SHIPPED in the lower 48 gets all of it. You can't buy a base maf translator kit with injectors and chip and wideband for what I am selling this entire package for. A great deal with everything you need!