New, current updated Michigan thread.

Any ideas where i could rent a dyno out for a few hours near livonia? Most shops are saying 150/hr i was told by the tuner i should be looking for 100/hr lol
Any of you do the 28th Street Metro Cruise in Wyoming, Grand Rapids, & Kentwood? I tried it last year but my 87 T wasn't running worth a darn so it wasn't much fun.
Lifetime Grand National Lover, Brand New Grand National Owner! Purchased my 86 Grand National (from my next door neighbor who had it sitting outside in Eastpointe all winter exposed to all elements) on July 7th, 2016. Moved to Clinton Township on July 1st and refused to leave it sitting in his backyard. Now she's mine! I have a ton of restoration work to do, I know. Just happy to finally have one to call my own.
Wasup Ren! Oh yea, fill out your signature too, so we know what you're working with. Get ready for that gigantic hole in that wallet! When you need some parts replaced, and want some help let me know!