New engine almost completed

So. I’ll measure the pistons when I get home later, and I need to send the converter to Husek..? I do notice that it seems to just rev to the moon under wot. I’ll take a powerlogger file and upload it so you can see what the rpm’s are doing. View attachment 389631View attachment 389632View attachment 389633View attachment 389634View attachment 389635
You'll be able to tell how much it slips by noting how much the rpm drops during a shift. If it drops a little bit, it's slipping too much. Another way to tell is to lock the converter at wot. If the engine bogs down alot and then recovers and pulls hard, your converter is too loose. If you have a converter that couples well and you lock it up at WOT, it will seem like just another shift because the rpm won't fall so far to a point where the engine doesn't make good power. After you install the converter after Dave modifies it, you will easily notice that you car accelerates faster than it ever has before.

Bring one of you pistons up to TDC and measure how far it is down in the hole.
There is one thing that I do like about those piston. Their wrist pin bores are moved over a little bit from the centerlines of the pistons. This greatly reduces their ability to rock in the bores during cold start while they are at their smallest diameter. The arrows on top of the pistons tell you that the bore are off set. The reason they are there is to make sure that they are all offset to the correct side. If all of the arrows point to the front of the engine, they are installed correctly.
Check the bearings while it’s out. If you do caps you will be rebuilding it since it’s gonna have to be disassembled completely. The TRW piston is fine, you can swap wrist pins J&E(I think)and be close to weight of the higher end pistons. Of course this is my opinion of course.
I have stock bore trw in mine and a TE61
You have a nice converter also and the multi disc locks solid, lil loose down low maybe
Set a goal and build accordingly
The engine is out. On a pallet. I’ll take a look. But I’ll just get the caps and have it all done with fresh bearings. The builder is a guy who’s build 4500 hp motors and has lots of experience with our Buick engines (he had a 4.1 gn back in the day). I’m going to have the rotating assembly balanced as well.
So, who is he, if you don't mind my asking?

If this has been answered before, my bad.