New engine kills


Jun 11, 2001
My '87 T has been together for about a month. Right now it has 600 mi. approx. My chip is set to give me 10psi. of boost with 22deg. of timing. I've beat a GSX eclipse, Harley, Mustang SVO, 95 6-speed LT1 with a few mods. All of them were raced at only half throttle while getting only 8lbs. of boost. I barely lost to a '00LS1 CamaroSS 6-speed. At that point I had 300mi on the fresh engine and was only pulling 12lbs of boost. Can't wait to turn my boost up to 19lbs on the street. Love my ESP st.3 cam and my electric intercooler fan. Pulls tons of air.
I would of turned the psi up on that LS1 and had a rematch. I've got ESP's CNC ported heads and I was wondering if the stage 3 cam was any good or not. When do you change gears? I think that cam pulls till 6000 rpm.:)
So far I like it. I went to the track yesterday and ran 13.9@97.2. Temp. was90deg. and 80% plus humidity. Only running 12-13lbs of boost. Launched at 3lbs of boost.