New game for roadtrips. Slug Hellcat!!


Money pit
I just started this with my son today. It is more fun than slug bug for sure, and at least around here there are enough Hellcats on the road to get at least one or 2 in a day. The fun part is you can only do it if it is a Hellcat. This means that you have to verify the fender emblem on every Charger or Challenger that rolls by. There are plenty of Scat Packs on the road too, and they have an emblem on the same place on the fender. They also have same / similar wheels, so it makes it even more challenging. I got my son once just on the 10 mile drive home today.

Slug away!!!!!
So I saw 2 Hellcat Challengers and one Scat Pack Challenger within 3 minutes of each other on a 10 mile trip to the hockey rink. Educating my wife of picking them out. She mistook the Scat Pack for a Hellcat. I'm seriously blown away by how many of these are on the road. Lots of bang for the buck on this car.