New Glock 23 gen3 owner...


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Dec 26, 2010
Just went shopping for mags with a buddy for his AR, and I ended up picking up a used never fired glock 23 gen3 for $369, with case, two mags cleaning kit and extra grips...any thoughts on accessories or mods are welcome, I really like the ported upper and barrel just not sure where to look for this stuff. This is my first handgun, but I'm not a newbee to shooting...thanks in advance...Mike
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Lone wolf is a great place to look. What exactly are you wanting?
Thanks, I actually just got off their site. Lot of cool stuff, for now I'm thinking basics like new sights and maybe a little detail work. Really just want to personalize it for myself. I also checked out a couple of your posts, you do some cool stuff btw. Any info on the coating you use to change colors? I ended up getting the green frame model (it was $100 cheaper than the all black used model) I guess nobody wanted the green? I don't mind it but I like the idea that I could change it up if I wanted. Pm me with info if you like...thanks Mike
Check out ZEV Technologies / Glockworx Also for sights check Advantage Tactical .
I have a Glock model 22 with a Storm Lake ported barrel , Fulcrum trigger , & Advantage Tactical sights . I love the trigger and the sights allows for pin point accuracy . Sam
Awesome , thanks dynoman I'll check the links out now...thanks Mike
Mike thanks for the compliment. I have more info on my FB page on there testing ect. The coating I use is Cerakote which is one of the best on the market.

As far as site go. There is tons of options out there and the same amount of opinions. I like for the money the Tru Glow TFO sights. Fiber optic for day and extremely bright and tritium for night and as equally bright. You can get them on Amazon for $70 shipped. If it's a carry gun that's about it for mods other than color.
Larry are you a lefty , or is that just for taking pictures ??
So how would I go about getting my frame a color change? As for sights I've got my eye on a couple that I like, and for barrels I'd prob go with the lonewolf ported 9mm...thanks Mike
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Whatever you decide to do do it 1 thing at a time with shooting in between. Numerous people I know have done several internal changes at 1 time then they have issues and have to try and figure out what's causing it. IMO cerakote is on it way out.....there is a new process now that claims to be way better then cerakote.......for some reason I can't remember the name of it right now. Google it. Glocks look good pink lol