New Gn before and after pics!


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Hey guys, Here are some before and after pics of my new Gn, Should be on the road next weekend, Ta headers should be here on thursday!!!


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before pictures are too big to post, how sad, its really coming around...

more after pics.


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caspers relocater...worth the money!

This was bar none one of the most worthwhile updates I have done so far..


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Before pics too large, here is a link to my photobucket album if interested...

Many more to come this week!! Sorry about the dorky post, Just getting excited to drive this thing..

So Far: Umi Boxed rear arms, Eibach Pro Kit, New sway Bars, KYB Gas Adjusts, New tires and wheels, New gauges, Turbotweak chip, Alkycontrol, Caspers kits for nearly everything, Battery back under hood, TA headers will be here Thursday!!! More to come.

View a couple pics at:
Bansheeboy379/1986 Grand National - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
coming around nicely

Noticed the hoses to your EWG are zip tied together keeps it clean looking, but more importantly you might consider either using small hose clamps or at the least zipties to secure hoses to brass fittings. You don't want those to accidently blow off during a run. Just a thought. Those TA headers ought to be nice worth the wait and labor.
I'm jealous! Wish my car was running right now! That Casper's positive battery kit is awesome. I did it to my car as well.