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Nice! Did those springs make the drop all by themselves or did you do something else along with the new springs??

Go into the suspension forum and look for discussions about the front drop spindles, a lot of people don't like them!

The car originally had a set of ATR springs along with their suspension package, I had to cut the pigtails off the springs to get it down this low. I did quite a bit of research on this site about the drop spindles, it seems some like them and some don't. I thought I'll give them a try on the GN. I've had them on a few of my other cars and had no problems with them...John
Updated Pics...

Here's a few updated pics...Suspension Upgrades, Wheels and Tires...


I like the way it looks lowered like that. Not too much or too little. Looks nice with those wheels.
GN Updated Pics...

A few updated pics of my GN...The Suspension Upgrade is complete, I also upgraded the brakes to Wilwood Manual Master Cylinder and 4 Wheel Disc Brakes as well as a Line-Loc. The rearend was upgraded to a Moser M9 bolt in unit with a Locker Unit and 35 Spline Axles. I installed QA1 Adjustable Shocks on the corners, UMI Upper and Lower Control Arms and BMR Anti Roll Bar. The Wheels are American Racing Trak-Star's...