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I am a new member to this board, but have owned my '78 Turbo Regal Sport Coupe for more than 12 years now. It has been restored and "tweeked" somewhat as well. It is great to see others working with these cars. For a long time I didn't think anyone was playing with these. I am really interested in the '82/'83 .63 A/R turbo housing upgrade. I have read that it is interchangeable with my current center section but am not sure? Does anyone have have an '83 turbo .63 housing they would like to part with?
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I can't say 100% that they will interchange without problems, BUT '79/83 turbos uses the same center section, same elbow, up-pipes interchange and they mount to the intake the same (what's left?). On a 78, the different heads may lead to slightly different spacings. I don't have any 78 parts to check with.

Has anybody here ever run a '79/83 turbo on a '78 motor, or vice-versa?

Thanks for the info. I have switched to the '79-up heads already without any problems, so I take it if the turbo is the same unit then it should work?
Did you switch to a '79 intake and exhaust manifolds as well?

The '78 stuff is very close to the later stuff, but I don't if it's exact. Last time I had my up-pipe off my '83, I tried a '79 up-pipe and it fit. Then I tried a '78 (the only '78 part I have) and it was a little off. I probably could have forced it. I'm not sure

If you could get '78 intake and exhaust manifold to fit '79 heads, then I think that would point towards all the parts being interchangable.

Your name sounds familiar. Was your car written up in a magazine a while ago? "GN on a budget", or something like that?

If you go to the sticky "What's Before Black" thread, you'll see some links to pages that may help.
I did switch intakes, etc.,as the ports are much smaller on the '78 heads and manifold. I also have a set of KB tube headers for '84-'85 turbo cars on the car and the up pipe fits well. I don't recall if it is the '78 or '79 pipe though.

My car hasn't been featured in a magazine, but it has been featured in the Rocky Mountain GS Club newsletter a few years ago and I have been a GS club member for a number of years.

I will try and put up some pics of the car for your inspection. Great website you have on the early cars. :cool:
Welcome Scott:)

Glad to meet yet another carb./TB head.

Originally posted by Scott Adcock
It is great to see others working with these cars. For a long time I didn't think anyone was playing with these.

I agree! If it weren't for this site I'd think I was all alone out there. Stuck in the 80's playing with my 'lil old Q-jet, lol.

Here's a link to me & my wife's (Tonyas83T) '83 T's.
Look forward to seeing your baby;)
Glad to have another carb around here :D
I think that most of us will be waiting to see the pics.