New owner of 85 GN


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Dec 1, 2022
Hey all! Just picked up an 85 GN and had a few questions. I searched all through this forum, great place, and learned a bunch. I think I narrowed it down to doing the following upgrades: a new oxygen sensor, fuel injectors, conversion to the 86/87 ECM and ignition system and the turbo tweak chip, 5.7 version. Any other recommendations? My plans are to just cruise the car, have it more reliable and be quicker then stock. Would those upgrades take away from the reliability and drivability from the car? I want to change the injectors because I can smell fuel in the oil and figured they were leaking after the engine was shut off. Compression is great and it’s not smoking a bit. I’m changing the O2 because then I know it’s new and I figured the changing of the computer, chip and ignition would give me better reliability and more options for diagnosing CEL’s and also have the option to add the electric fan. I do have my old Snap-On MT2500 scanner from years ago and I’ll be using that for the scan tool. Thanks for any help!
New fuel pump, hot wire kit and new spark plugs. Don't start modding it. There's a hot air section on here. Go there...those guys know their shit about the hot air cars.
Get an LT1 MAF and a translator. The MAF you have is garbage and the remans. are even worse. The valve springs you have are also shot. Bet the car won't go above 3900 rpm in third. Get Comp 981 springs. Pick up alot of cheap power here.
Congratulations on the GN. If it wasn’t for the ‘84 I saw on the way to my gramma’s house I’d have a Monte, most think I do anyway. Lol