New Owner Of 87 GN


Aug 27, 2007
I guess you live and learn, last year I bought a 86 GN that had rust all along the bottom of the car, it was running pretty good and I was getting a good deal so I bought it. Only after buying the car did I realize how expensive it is to have rusted parts replaced and the car repainted. Luckily, I sold this car last month and just yesterday bought an 87 GN, no rust issues with this one. Here is a link to the car I just bought:

I would like to thank Bobby(username: bilt2run) in Ft. Myers for a very smooth transaction, he answered all my questions about the car via phone and PMs. I flew into Ft. Myers yesterday morning, he picked me up from the airport and showed me the car. The GN was exactly as advertised, maybe even better in person, shiny paint, all upgrades as described. I even got a free lunch at Bobby's bar/deli ;)

Also thanks to Doug(username: dhauser)(previous owner of this GN) for answering my questions.

I drove it 1,340 miles back to Chicago with no issues what so ever...I just got it washed and it is proudly sitting in my garage. I had a very interesting drive through the heart of Dixie yesterday and today. I lost count of how many people(guys & gals) that approached me regarding the GN at gas stations while I was filling up the gas tank...I felt like a celebrity. I also got a lot of glances from drivers of other cars while on the highway, I could lip read many saying "nice car" to me with a thumbs up. Anyways, I'm pretty excited about this car, it has a lot of nice upgrades that I am still learning about and I hope to post a lot of questions to all of you in the near future.

Current pics of the car will be uploaded later today.

Couple of Pics I Took Driving the GN Back From Florida

Couple of pics of the GN next to Tampa Bay in Florida on my way back to Chicago.


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Great looking car! When I drove mine back home, I had the same thing happen. Got looks and even a Z06 guy "respected" its presence on the road:D . And mine doesn't look as good as yours! But it sure runs better than it looks. I got a good deal rust. Enjoy!
More Pics

Here are more pics of my new GN.


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So far I have identified the following mods on the car with help from this forum:

- Kenne Bell Oil booster plate
- Kenne Bell fuel pressure regulator
- Kenne Bell intake
- 42 lbs injectors
- Turbo Tweak chip (don't know which one yet)
- 3" Terry Houston down pipe
- Boost & Knock gauges
- ATR stainless steel exhaust
- New radiator
- New air conditioning system
- New Powermaster brake system

Looking to buy the following before attempting to tune the car:

- Scanmaster
- Audible knock sensor
- Fuel pressure gauge
- Verify if the walbro is hotwired or not. I think it is but I need to verify

I have not really gotten on this car yet but once I did press gas pedal about halfway down while going 50 MPH on the highway and the knock gauge went to red so I'm concerned this car is not getting enough fuel. Also I have heard that the knock gauge is not really dependable, is this true?
Fly down, take a look, if it is right buy it ,if not fly home.

Sounds like the man knows how to buy a car,,,,,,,:biggrin:
I wish others would take that advice.

Looks like a nice car. Good Luck
Thanks. I was very confident the car would be as advertised as the seller seemed like a nice guy, he answered all my questions via email and phone. Like you said if I didn't like it, I would have enjoyed Florida for the weekend and fly back. But the car turned out to be better than advertised, absolutely no rust(my number one issue), shiny paint, running great...I had to buy it :)

Now I just have to get it tuned...scanmaster will be ordered this weekend. The car already has tt chip & injectors.

Fly down, take a look, if it is right buy it ,if not fly home.

Sounds like the man knows how to buy a car,,,,,,,:biggrin:
I wish others would take that advice.

Looks like a nice car. Good Luck