New Performance Parts For Sale


Dec 10, 2005
All parts are brand new in their boxes. Changed my mind.

Brand new PTE GT6152E turbo and HD actuator. $750

Alky Control complete kit. $450

G-Body Parts 3" Downpipe w/ Dump Pipe. $400

Used intercooler with Dutt neck conversion and adapter hose. $175

PayPal preferred.

That is an awesome price on that turbo with HD actuator. Where were you a year ago when I purchased mine?:biggrin:
I will take the alky kit...How far is Brewster from NJ?

Give me a call...732-778-2273 anytime.

If you work me a package deal...I will take the intercooler also.
I think the alky kit is gone. I proposed a trade to somebody last night. I'll keep you posted.

Alky kit still pending.

How about...

Prices include shipping in continental US.

No problem....I don't need it any longer...Picked one up today.

I sort of want to upgrade to a larger turbo. Would you take a trade and some cash for a TA-51 turbo? :D
Whut... no thanks. I'll either stick with the stocker or go ahead with this project.

No problem, it never hurts to ask. Although I think I worded that wrong, I would give you some cash and my TA-51 turbo for your turbo.

Oh well, I think this turbo will work with my new combo for a season. :cool:
How much stall does your PTE GT6152E need?Is the compressor inlet 3"?,&
Is it a 3 bolt?How much horse power is this capable of making?
John Alstrand

Admittedly, I'm not very knowledgable on turbos. There's been some good threads on this board that convinced me to buy it.

I do know the "E" is 3" and it is 3-bolt.

Here's a link to it on Full Throttle...

FULL THROTTLE SPEED - Item Description Page

I was planning on running it with my "loosened" D5, but knowing it would probably be better with more.

Thanks for the interest,

No oil residue in it is there? Can you send me your paypal info in a private message? As long as there's nothing wrong with it I'll take it. How much to ship to 60541?

I'll take the powerplate if still available. I have paypal,the free type. PM me your addy and I'll get it out tommorow nite after work.:)