New Powerlogger install - Injector Pulse Width not reading zero when car is not running?


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Aug 1, 2004
Just finishing up a new Powerlogger/SD2 setup -
I noticed the IPW was not 0 when the car was not running?

I was setting the TPS sensor and noticed when I was checking WOT voltage, the IPW went to zero after about 3.8 volts out of the TPS.

PL log file attached.

I have a few other things to do before I can start it - just wondering if I have a problem somewhere?


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That's normal. Its showing what the cranking pulsewidth will be.
When you floor the pedal, it goes into "clear flood" mode, and zero's out the cranking pulsewidth.
Thanks Eric - just wanted to make sure.
There has been some "creative" wiring done on this car that I am in the process of fixing.