New Product Request: Low Cost Chassis Scales


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May 27, 2001
Well, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in producing some economically priced chassis scales, for those of us who want to weigh the four corners of our cars, to properly setup the suspension. We only need it a few times a year at the most, but I don't have thousands to spend for such a basic tool.

I think it could easily be done for under $200. All that would be required would be 4 small weight guages set up between the 2 sheets of steel, which are under each tire. Once you have the four numbers from under each wheel, you could just set up a simple computer program which would calculate the total weight of the car, percentage on each corner or side...etc.


Low cost scales

Look in Stock car and Circle track magazines.. There's been ads for such in there for lotsa years now. It involves a bridge bar and some bathroom scales and a little math...;)