New QA1 front coilovers and rear shocks, New tubular front Upper/Lower control arms


May 23, 2001
Brand new HAL QA1 front coilovers. They also have the optional Torrington Bearing / Spanner wrench setup for on-car adjustment. These were mocked up on the car but never used.

Also have the QA1 matching rear shocks, 12 way adjustable. Also bolted in, but never used. As brand new condition.

New G-body parts upper and lower front tubular control arms with mounting kit. Black powdercoat, very very nice pieces! You must use a tubular control arm with the QA1s. Mocked up with the QA1s and then removed right away. never used, perfect condition.

$1300 shipped for the entire setup!! Paypal please add 4%.
Hi - are these shocks (front and rear) adjustable in comp and rebound? what spring rate is on the coil overs? do you have pictures?

The shocks are 12 way dampening adjustable, front and rear. There is only one adjustment knob on each shock for dampening, but they have 12 settings each. The front coilovers are adjustable with the spanner wrench kit. I'm not sure on the spring rates, let me check the paperwork. Whatever comes with the G-body kit is what they have, they were not changed to comething different. The spring rates will change with how much you compress the spring, obviously. I will get some pics this evening for those who have asked.

Pics!!!!! Just took em this evening. Also a quick note: The grade 10.8 hardware is included with the uppers and lowers as you see, but the stock lower rear shock bolts (the krusty looking things) are not.




If you decide to sell things seperately I'd be interested in the lower control arms.
Hey everyone,
I'd prefer to sell everything in one shot, but I would split it up if I have everything spoken for by different parties. I do have a couple offers on the entire setup, so I want to entertain those first.