NEW !! QTP Cutout NEW Price !!

i wish i could do that right now! Working on getting an engine together first! if you have it then i will check with you!
You just have to know that "all interested" like to see pix--why don't you just post pix HERE--NOW & it should help expedite sale...


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single 3" or dual?? if its dual 3" and the complete kit and its 150 shipped to 60941 Ill take them

I guess you don't really understand where these go--or how they work,,,so, let me try a simple explanation...

There's only ONE cut-out for turbobuicks, typically installed in place of a blind-flange/cap manually placed on end of dump-pipe & "test-pipe + dump" is typically installed in place of catalytic converter--BEFORE exhaust split into duals...
Yes Scott, BIG thanks from all for posting the pix,,, :)

Mike, I would love to buy it--but I have already chosen FOOD for my monthly purchases... :(
No problem...I have the same exact one on my car going on 2 years now and I love it :cool: