New rims and tires or new suspension???


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Aug 1, 2005
I bought my Turbo T last summer and I am not very happy with the ride. I feel every crack and bump in the road. My car has the Eibach 1" lowered spring and tokico shocks. I also have 18" ROH rims with Sumitomo tires on them. I would like to get a better ride out of the car. My money tree in the backyard has not produced much lately. I really want to know everyones thoughts on what change would give me a better ride. I do like the look of the rims and tires. I have quite a bit more rubber between the ground and rim on the rear tires. The front tires have less rubber betweeen the ground and rim maybe about 2" to 3". The car has 12" rotors and it looks like I have new spindles on the car. If I do the suspension will I have to do anything to the rotors or spindles?
The 12" rotors won't fit the stock spindles. So, the car may have the "B" body spindles, or it may have some other modified spindles. And you will probably need bigger than stock wheels to clear the 12" rotors. But if you can get 16" wheels to clear them, that would improve the ride. Even 17" wheels would improve the ride some, but not as much as the 16" ones. So, selling the big wheels/tires and going to smaller ones is probably going to give you most help with least $$$ out of your pocket. Replacing the springs and shocks would help much more, but would cost much more, too. Lots of threads relative the Eibachs- some like the ride, some don't. Might be able to find someone to swap with you???