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Hawaiian Turbo

May 25, 2001
CONGRATULATIONS DEAN!!!! That 10 sec. pass was awesome. Finally got there,and I see there's somemore left in the car.
Congrats Dean!

Must've been an awesome run! Woo Hoo! 10 sec. club!
Congrats Dean! 10sec. club!!!

Awesome runs :cool: Let us know when you going to run again. So the guys that missed out can come see.:eek: :D

:) Hey, Dean. Congrats for here, too. I know how you guys feel, but hopefully the next time you run will be March 23rd. And bring enough go juice with you. He,he,he. Again, great racing. And the money wasn't back, heh.
RIGHT :DN!!! Congrats on the 1:D second run (though I wasnt there to see) I bet you I can beat you in the 1yd dash. L:pL...just kidding.
I'm Lost

Congrats Dean. But I haven't seen any posts about your times/mph. WHat were they???

Congrats!!! HOPEFULLY I'll get to see you at the fastest streetcar competition this year.
Thanks to everyone that came out to help and give me the support and help. Also special thanks to pcpony for the extra juice! Hopefuly the next time more can turn out and have fun! Is March 23rd fastest street shoot out?
March 23rd race

Yes, the race on March 23rd is the Fastest Streetcar Shootout. I know how you guys feel about Paul, but Jason needs our help. Actually, we need to help ourselves. A poor turnout of High Tech type cars at the Shootout will give Paul more ammo to force Jason to drop High Tech from the Pro Import races. That's what we really need to protect. There are 5 more Pro Import races this year. From the performance of the Buicks last Saturday, the EZ Street and Bracket classes would be the same. Hope to see you all on March 23rd. Hey tazgn, get that cage installed. If you need some names of guys that install to consider, let me know. Aloha, Ernie.
Pcpony, will there be a High Tech class or the same classes as last Nov race? Thanks for the info. Dean
From what I understand, same as last November. Turbo Buicks would run in the EZ Street class for headsup racing. It's the same class that our power added Mustangs run in. Our type of cars, to include the Buicks, dominate the EZ Street class. "High Tech" only applies to Import racing. It originates from the IDRC program for Hawaii. Aloha, Ernie.