New steering shaft - pump noise amplifier


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Oct 4, 2001
Just got finished with a new steering shaft from the Astro van - not the Jeep shaft. Although I could not tell the factory rag joint was loose on my 78,000 mile 87 the new shaft definitely improved things.

I have all new front end steering parts and complete rebuild with UMI control arms, coil overs, etc. It rides much different that stock and more controlled. I had the suspension done for a year before I put the new steering shaft on so I was used to its feel and noise difference.

Problem is the 'hiss' of the steering pump when asking for pressure transfers up the new shaft and sounds like a hydraulic hiss in the steering column inside the vehicle. I have no working radio and improved sound deadening so it is very noticeable. The pump is not abnormally loud on its own when standing outside the car and moving the wheel.

Is this something anyone else has noticed? Astro vs Jeep shaft. And what would you think might be able to be done to minimize the noise.

Getting my radio back in operation would probably help too. Any other thoughts?
Need to use an earlier Astro van shaft that has the rubber damper. The later shafts are a direct metal-to-metal connection that transmit the hydraulic noise right to the steering wheel. Which then acts like a speaker.

The rubber damper isolates these noises from being transmitted via the steering shaft. Note that the Jeep shafts (that I've seen) also have a rubber isolater. But tend to be a lower durometer and add flex to the system.

Yep the same problem I had a couple years ago. Put the Jeep shaft on and PS wining started. Replaced it with an OEM shaft and everything was good.

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