New Suspension Kits & Coil overs

scot w.
Feb 19, 2005
We recently added some diversity to our suspension products and will continue to add even more so we can cater to everyone and their budgets. We recently teamed up with RideTech to offer you their complete suspension kits and their incredible line of Coil Overs for our G-Body vehicles.. As many of you already know Ridetech has been pounding their cars and testing their products every year at all major autocross / pro-touring events across the country to bring us a product that is guaranteed to work. It is very seldom you see any other suspension company in the top 5 other than DSE & RideTech so between these two company's you can rest assure you are getting the very best products they have to offer...

We will be adding more individual items to our web site soon and also adding the "Rear" coil over section in the next day or so..What is already posted up is all ready to purchase if you choose.

There is everything from "Mild to Wild" in our new Coil-Over selection to suite everyone!

Here is a link to the RideTech suspension Kit's -
Here is a link to the G-Body Front Coil-Overs -

Here are some video's from RideTech to give you some valuable information that couldn't be explained in writing.

"Select" Series Coil-Over Shocks

Why Shocks Matter?

SEMA 2010 Debut (A Must see!)

RideTech Coil-over shock & spring Introduction