new times from track


I need parts to go fast
Jan 23, 2003
I finally got out to the track and got to try out thhat new John Craig te62 and a few other mods that were changed and added. So the new best time is 11.96 at 122 with a 2.0 60ft. Well at least I finally got to the 11s. .................................. Alan
I was runiing 25lbs I think I was pushing my motor I little too much , I have a stock bottom end that has a 130,000 on it. It ran good only had 1 bad det. problem,and that ocurred when I went to 28lbs by accident :confused:
That's a nice mph! But on the stock bottom end:eek: Get some traction and you wont be in the 11's for very long.
Hopefully I will get some slicks and a new tranny and at the Bradington event in feb, I will be able to put down some serious low 11 second runs.
The stock bottom end will hold up just fine. Get the junk gas out of it and run C-16 and you can run that accidental 28psi with no problems.
I ran 10.57@127.1 with a 6.74@103.3 1/8th......all with a stock bottom end and a full weight car on 25 lbs of boost. I now run 10.90s and 11.00s on 20 lbs of boost and 24 degrees of timing. I've never even popped a head gasket (sure I've had other things) in 3 years. Run good gas and don't go wild on the timing and you should be fine. Work on that 60 foot :)