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Chance Parker

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hi everyone. just bought a 85 buick gn. its not running and kinda in pieces. i bought it from a local deputy sheriff. he really couldnt tell me much about it. said he just dont have time for it. i got it fairly cheap but i also have alot in front of me. was told to just part it out - but i havent decided what to do with it. i really like these cars and want to see about getting it back together. i was told that the that was building it was a member on this board - so im hoping someone can help with any info on it. its in the lafayette indiana area

Welcome to the site. Lots of Hot Air (Pre 86) cars here. You've come to the right place. Check out the Hot Air section. Post up some pictures of the GN. :)

Happy Spooling.
Mike Barnard
I am in Crawfordsville which is about 25 miles south of Lafayette. If you need a hand just shoot me a pm. There are a few others here in town and there are a few in Lafayette too.