new to me 86 GN


Mar 15, 2005
I have purchased an 86 GN... Has a precision 5931 with external waste gate, front mount IC, and an innovate SCG-1 boost controller among other mods. I have been doing some searches on here for that boost controller but all I am finding is others asking about it. It is installed but not setup. Curious if anyone here has used one and what their thoughts are on it. Also, if so are there any pointers for setting it up specifically for this car. I don't have a scan master or a knock detector on the car and I assume based on the fact it runs 93 octane that it is getting some KR. The boost controller lets it get to 18#'s. That is way to high I think and I am not driving it and allowing it to go that high. Car drives well and feels good overall. Just can't get into boost. Suppose I really just need a scan master to figure out what is going on with it. Here are some photos...

20160607_151107.jpg 20160607_151116.jpg 20160607_151053.jpg
Your first priority is a Scanmaster. Is 18 pounds of boost too much with your set up it might not be. I run 21 pounds of boost on 93 octane with no knock. Depends a lot on your setup, chip, and how efficient your front mount is. Stop guessing, get a Scanmaster.

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I know I need a scan master. Definitely. Was hoping someone else used that boost controller. Whatever, I have the software and will start digging into it. Off to the parts section.
Did you do a Google search. A lot of info pops up including a you tube and an owners manual. Good luck.
I have downloaded the manual and read through it. I have the LM programmer software and Logworks to program it and read info from it. I have read a good bit about it actually. I was just thinking because these cars are a little different than most others maybe there was some bit of info I might want or need specific to Buick. Maybe not but thought I would ask anyways.