New to site here...


Mar 23, 2009
Wanted to come in here and hopefully gain a bit of working knowledge. My name is Dave and I have a 1987 Buick Regal T-Type parked in the garage. It was my father-in-laws that he bought a while back. He redid the front-end suspension before moving north to Minn. He stored it in a covered facility and sat for two years. After his passing, his wife (mom-in-law) got tired of pauing the storage fees and asked us to get it out and put it in our gargae. It was pulled out covered in dust and bird droppings. A sorry sight. After getting it home, it got a good washing and vacuuming to make it semi-presentable. Paint is still stained and checked to this day, but not so bad. After getting it running and aligning the front-end as good as I could, it sat for 4 years in the garage, getting a few new parts thrown at it.

Fast forward to present... Trying to get it street worthy and driveable as it would be a total riot to have on the road again. I will post up the problems and challenges I have in other topic threads...


Check out Lots of info there. There is a good tech topic called "Spring Cleaning." It might get you started in the right direction getting that car back on the road.
I will check that site out. I will also take pictures of some parts the need replacing/areas that need attention to help things along...