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Dec 21, 2009
hi, i am rowdy.
i am a navy vet...desert storm through to 2005. was in iraq last year where i purchased an 84 grand national engine from a guy on ebay (i think he might be on here too). he has an 85 he wanted to build up and wanted cash for the 84, but it was the original block that came with the car, so i let him keep it and i would just take everything else. deciding i am a nice guy for doing that, he sent me all kinds of crap from ecu to headers, fuel rail still on the manifold...
everything but the block was sent...and for $500 bux, i thought i made out.
um..its still sitting in the crate almost 2 years i wanna build it, but dont exactly know the specs. i wanna build a 4.1 stroker and just stick stock stuff on it and throw it in my 68 CJ5 jeep (which came with the dauntless v6 odd fire engine). but..ive read bad j00j00 on the 4.1 so i am gun shy.

i have a 3.8 odd fire for the jeep almost ready to go back in, but damn..i want a turbo motor.. :biggrin:

i have a 3.8 block in the garage thats rusty out of an 81 i think and there is a guy locally who has a complete 3.8 non-turbo i could buy for $100 and make SOMETHING out of them.

i have also kicked around the idea of building a stroker 4.1 with the stock trim i bought from this grand national and throw on it and drop it in a pinto. ive seen some quick pinto's and they dont take alot of power to push. i also heard that i could clock my turbo (on the 84) and run it down into an intercooler. nice..drops detonation, easier on an engine. comes 2 curve balls..before i knew ANYTHING about the buick turbo motor, i bought a draw through style 3.8 turbo intake/turbo and everything off ebay. i took it to work cause a friend of mine was an engine gawd..he told me about it and said they had the potential of blowing up when the car wasnt tuned right but they created good numbers (relatively speaking) with the q-jet fixed on top. i am thinking if i DO decide to use it, i might use a nice throttle body injection system..but i dont know if i willl use it unless someone has some good tips on it.

curve ball 2..i have a buick 350 sitting on the ground and TA Performance said they "really wake the hell up" when a turbo is attached to it. hmmm
i could rebuild the 350 and stick it in the jeep. but i want light and to do something not many have done or do normally.

i dont want the power level that would promt buying a TA block (well i do actuallly, but dont want to build an all out racer), i just wanna stomp local mustang rear. the pinto tubbed out wouldnt be a bad option, but how would a 4.1 stand up too 3.625 crank and intercooled stock turbo/running gear as long as the owner didnt go overboard? i know there is discussion on here so i have to research that question. i would run a 200R4 behind it and prolly a narrowed 9" or descent 8.8.

so..if i havent already named my profile, i would have used something like "LostInTranslation" cause i have a mess of build parts i could make a metallic spaghetti out of and feast..
if i only knew what to do.

whats the scoop on the draw through turbos?
whats the scoop on the 4.1 stroker in stock trim/intercooler?
350 turbo like the buick on the cover?

maybe put the turbo motor in something like this.. =)
google pinchero
its a pinto sized light, but kewl at the same time
Welcome to the site! and Go Navy, im a vet myself.

dont let anybody fool you on the draw thru system. while most hate it... it has proven to be quite the performer when setup right.

my biggest beef would be using a carb on a jeep. particularly if you like to be off road.... they slosh way to much. now the TBI idea is a good one, but nobody yet I know of, has successfully pulled it off. the fuel enrichment being the pain.

it all depends on what you want to do and how much you want to spend.

lay out a budget and the goals you want to meet. then look at what it cost to do what and decide from there. right off the top, I can tell you the draw-thru is probably the cheapest.

i dont know about the cheepest. i can buy 3.8 block for next to nothing and put these non-used pistons and stuff in it. i pay 10 bux a jug for boring and new a good wiring kit for the fuel injection setup. i think it just needs the down under pipe and i can have a turbo jeep.
maybe a grand total for professional parts.

the rebuilding of the 350 wouldnt be bad with a tbi off of a chevy. same firing order i think, and with a spread bore to tbi adaptor that would get rid of the angle problem and i could prolly find them for a dime a dozen in junk yards.

the drawn through poses a problem. i dont know if its oddfire or even fire. i dont know what kind of temperature it has when coming out of the turbo and into the intake..i cant run an intercooler (which would only get plugged up from mud anyway) so my odd fire 3.8 with its 9.6:1 pistons would prolly be too much. i couldnt run a blow off valve with this granny tranny cause i would vent strait fuel to atmosphere. hell, i dont even know if its small port or tall port, i havent looked at it since 2006. i have both tall and small heads with ready valve train so it wouldnt matter. i just dont know the reccomended compression. plus, i already have a good comp 260 cam which isnt a turbo cam.
i could run a tbi on it or like a commander 950 holley or megasquirt. since it draws gas in, the inlet temp before the turbo has GOT to be chilly.

so many many bored with what i have.

hell, i dont even know what the boost level is on a draw through.