New to the forum, near Eau Claire, WI


Hi guys,

Been lurking around the forums for a while now, primarily the Hot Air section so I may as well introduce myself.

My name is Aaron, I live just south of Eau Claire, WI and recently acquired the car I have wanted since I was 10 years old, the Buick Grand National. I won an '84 at auction that has spent most of it's life in California.

The plan is get it looking nice, make it a bit more fun to drive, and cruise it on weekends.

Definitely looking for people in the area to exchange info/parts/ideas with as I progress through my new project.
Welcome (Double A) ron from North central Iowa!
The first GN I ever saw was an '84. I didn't even know they had a turbo until I ordered my '86.
Cheers, George
Mike from California here. We want our GN back. :D
Welcome to the site and congrats. Lots of good info and great people here.
Post up a picture when you get a chance.

Happy spooling.
Mike Barnard
Welcome aboard! Had an 84 myself. From what I gather the best mod for them now is go E85 and never look back. Lots to read on them here but don't be afraid to ask questions. We were all new to them once.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys. As for the E85, I have spent much time considering it, but availability is somewhat limited in my area. I hope to eventually achieve similar results with alcohol, but that is a little way down the road. Here is a pic before I pulled the front clip. As you can see, body work became priority once I realized the extent of the surface rust.


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