ONG I’m such an idiot. I gave my new powerlogger away without knowing it in 2017


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Jul 2, 2018
I’m such an idiot. I bought an 86 Grand National a few years ago from a guy in Miami. For 30+ years I’ve wabted a turbo regal that I could mod, put a large turbo on, have fun with, daily drive, have cool AEM digital gauges , etc. anyway I sold it because it was theft recovered from the 90s and re-vin be Florida DFI theft division. But I wasn’t comfortable because the vin number was assigned to an 85 turbo regal when this car I had was clearly a 86 a ording to the power train and cowl plate. Before I got too far into mods I decided to take a loss and sell it.
Anyway I made some kid’s day be selling it to him for 4K. But I think I left my new powerlogger and maf 6.25 translator in a box in the trunk when he picked it up.
I knew I had this powerlogger and was gunna cut my Ecu case and clean the sealer off the contacts. But I can’t find my power logger anywhere. And I purchased a used scanmaster that is chipped to read off the powerlogger only.
So,,,, let me wipe the egg off my face for making a rookie mistake and let my TB Brothers and sisters know that I am officially looking for a used TT powerlogger that is in good working condition that I can sync this scanmaster to. I’m not looking for a new one that you bought that you never used. I’m looking for one that has already been used on your stock Ecu until you went FAST XFI or something like that. I need one that is priced as a used one. Not one that is new. Unfortunately after all the things I bought this past month it needs to be used.

I’m just putting this out there now. Due to buying a lot of parts. And about $600 in respiratory in hailers medication that were not covered by my WTC comp related drug plan (which I might get back but it will take time to process my claim). Oh God here I go again talking to y’all about my personal problems. I’m sorry guys I had a few drinks to try to fall asleep and I sometimes talk to y’all about $hit I’m going though that I can’t tell my wife about because I don’t want to worry her with me wtc lung issues.

Ok back to what I need. I need a used power logger to match my 2.2 scanmaster that is used. I definitely can’t swing a new one. I’m definitely interested and am 100% sure I’m gonna buy one. I can’t buy it until sometime around 4/10 unless someone buys some of the items I have listed for sale. So if you have a used working one that I can sync my scanmaster to and you can hold it till around 4/10 for the payment. If it’s in my budget then I give you my word that I’ll buy it from you.

Once again I apologize for getting off topic. I get angry about being so sick for only 49. All the pain and difficulties that I’m going through really pisses me off. Especially when I have a few drinks. I feel like I got cheated out if my life. And because my attitude sucks my friends and family go out of their way to avoid contact with me. But writing to you guys is very therapeutic and sometimes it feels like a piano was lifted off my chest when I vent on here. But on a better note we won 3 class action lawsuits regarding my ailments from responding to the south tower division 3 task force and working on the pile until February of 2002. Let’s just say I’ll have enough to relocate to California and have my original WE4 completely rebuilt to stock specs and my fun WE4 completely built with a ball bearing turbo. Once I come into that money I plan to open a motorcycle speed shop in Southern California. And a lot of burn center donations. But anyway I’m sorry for talking myself again. I’m finally falling asleep.
Goodnight everyone. Lmk what u got.