new to this have a couple questions


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ok one of my best friends just bought this car from another one of our friends
It looks pretty kinds stupid with the 6inch cowl and alum wing (look again its thier) since it only run a 14.7 somthing. Since he is my friend I dont want to see him getting spanked by any little import cars.

So what would it take to convert to the 86-87 style intake and computer?

From what I have gathered is the Speirco kit is the best intercooler for the 84-85s ?

Thanks for the input and Iam sure i will have alot more questions down the road
I dont know what is going on with that car but it looks like it could be a good set up for a race car with the 9", and all . But i dont get the 26lb injectors and the 4.30 gears what size turbo does it have .It just looks like the motor could use some more power.

I have the sperco and its nice, iam running 12.65 un tuned now with it. But a TM intercooler kit is much better and it has a very nice intake that come with it i think it does. If you go where the hot air pic are on this page and look for ttype85 pic he has a nice tm set up on his car.

Tell your buddy with the big ugly hood i'll trade him my stock hood.:D

And make sure he has a scan tool.

I was just looking at the car, and it looks to be a great platform for a race car....but then I looked under the hood and it was well...Hot-Air (eat your heart out ic guys).....First thing make sure the Fuel Pump is not stock...after that...add the TM IC kit, or an 87 Set up....does the car have a cage in it? I couldn't really see.
4.30 gears!! That thing must go thru the traps on the rev limiter in 4th (unless it has 31" tires). I'd personally look for some different gears 3.42's work great, but 3.55's might be the closest you can get for the 9".

Next look fuel system. The car has 26lb injectors, they came with 28lbs injectors stock - I'd say they are to small, look at upgrading them also. Moving on the car has a fuel cell (why?? - oh well), check out what kind of pump(s) it has. I'm hoping it doesn't have some holley (or similar) low pressure carb pump. I'm assuming it has an aftermarket adjustable regulator, if it doesn't have a gauge add one and verify the fuel pressure. These cars need about 32-38lbs' static (vac. line off).

Just somethings too look for.
crazygn he still has the stock hood but good try!!

The car has an awesome fuel system Areomotive pump and requlator with 10 -an lines. I didnt know about the injectors We will have to look at that? I didnt pay attention to the fuel press. gauge.

As for the 4.30 gears I know the guy that built it has always been around natrally asprated Drag cars so I think that is where that decision came in!

Fuel cell? i would say because it is light kinda like the heater delete and no radio. But we still have all of this stuff to put back if want to !!
Check the turbo size it say's it has a 2600rpm stall 4.30 gears but the injectors are just to small for a big turbo to wre i would think you might need some of the stuff.

I would say change the gears , injectors and check the fuel pump . Also check for header cracks and vac leaks they kill the cars performance.

As far as the change to 85 to 87 ecm just change the ecm and the maf to a 87 . You are going to need a air temp sensor or your check engine light will stay on, i'll get the part number for you.
Sorry forgot to Say it is a Stock turbo!

I will have him check the headers and for vacume leaks thanks thats always a good idea that I forgot about!!

so you can just change the ecm, maf and wire in the air temp sensor. with no new harness???

How did you get 15X10 under your car? I want to put 15X10 under my malibu did not think they would fit!!
They were on my brothers 76 fire bird and put them on my gn , they fit very tight and they did rub some till the letters on the side wear off.

That car is set up for to much with the gears and all with a mosty stock hot air motor.

WOW ! that car looks like it's set UP !! it's hard to believe all that equipment with the stock motor?? the guy selling it must have had some BIG plans for a motor. either way, it's sweet and looks mean as hell ~! HOW MUCH DID HE PAY ? :confused:
wow.yet another example of the two things n/a drag cars have to do with properly running turbo regals:


first things,put the stock hood,trunk and fuel tank back in.sell the fuel cell,pump and regulator so you can buy things you really a walbro 340 intank pump/hotwire kit,and accufab billet regulator(who wants to bet the -10 line is adapted to the stock regulator?).

if you don't want a heater or a/c leave em off,but i'd put them back in.

yank the 4.30/spool center section out of the 9",sell it and buy one with 3.50 posi.

lose the cool can before it blows you up,i have a feeling they are all designed for carbed(5-10 psi)vehicles,not sefi(40-60+psi).if it's got hose clamps on it,it's a friggin bomb waiting for a place to go off.

for god's sake,put the power steering back in.

the cam is completely wrong,but you're stuck with it for'll probably wipe soon,so you can deal with it and the timing chain then.

lose the flowmaster,get an atr stainless or hooker dual sytem.

wow.honestly,your friend needs to seriously assess what he wants to do with the car.does he want a nice,quiet,inconspicuous,fast comfortable driver?then he needs to start ripping stuff off the car and build it properly.

if he wants some kind of dragster,leave everything the way it is,yank the motor/trans and install a sbc/t400.seriously,that would probably be the easiest way to make him happy at this point.