New turbo- still smoking?!?


Mar 11, 2002
I just put a good used turbo on my 85. How long should it take before it stops smoking? I ran it at idle for about an hour and took it for a few very short rides....
How did your last one fail? If it failed like mine and dumped oil into the exhaust and out the tailpipes it might take a couple days for all the smoke to go away but the majority should stop in less than 5 minutes. Other than that, you either have a bad turbo which will never stop smoking or something is wrong in the motor. The turbo doesn't have a break in period. If it smokes now it will always smoke.
Thanks. Yes, that is how mine failed. It seems to be getting better, so I'll ride it out and hopefully this turbo is good.
That's good to hear. Mine would quit smoking and when I had a hard run it would burn off the oil a little farther down in the exhaust system and start smoking again. Mine was so bad I pulled the mufflers to dump some of the oil out and it poured out the tailpipes onto the driveway. So if it quits smoking and you run it hard and it smokes again for a couple minutes it's probably nothing to worry about.
Excellent. Sounds exactly like my situation. Looks like I'll have to run her hard alot to get all of that oil out.:D Thanks cool.