newb has some questions


ok ive done a fair amount of searching . and i dont see the infor im after
1 can you use parts from the newer 3.8 fwd cars ie heads intake block ect to make the car stronger t chain cover and oil pump for examplet
2 what parts are they?
3 exactly what parts are needed for doing a IC conversion to my 84.

i have gotten my car up and running it truley runs like crap right now no codes are being thrown. im going to put new plugs in and tear some stuff apart this week and get it right also have to replace brake lines (rear this time)

i cant think of anything else ill post if i do
thanks to all
No parts can be used from newer 3.8's.

Older 3.0's have some usable emmissions parts. Look at the junkyard section.

Almost all the external parts on the engine are turbo buick specific.
THANK YOU RAZOR !!!!! :biggrin:

that is info that i needed before i went to the local metal yard and started buying those newer 3.0 and3.8 s by the pound.. i will buy some rwd ones when i come accros them i try to have a spare motor for everthing i own.. :biggrin:
The 86 and 87 RWD GM 3.8's are mostly if not all 109 blocks same as ours. Thats whats in my car.

The above comes with 8445 heads usable in your car.

Cranks are found in 4.1's early 80's vintage.

If your crafty and persistant.. you can pretty much put together a 109 long block for chump change.

Only difference is the oil return for the turbo which needs to be drilled and tapped on the 109 non-turbo blocks.

HTH.. happy hunting the U-Pull-Its..