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I was going to change my fuel filter but the fuel system needs to be depressurized. How do I do that? The Chilton manual I have is not very informative. I have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator with a gauge at the end of the fuel rail.
I've never depressurised or what not, I'd maybe let it sit for a few mins, then do it. But i've never had a problem or anything.
Unplug the fuel pump harness in back and then start the engine. It should die within a few seconds. Bingo, depressurized. But you will still lose some fuel when you take the filter off so be ready.
Yup, what he said.

FYI, Chilten and Hays manuals are good for door stops and starting fires...thats it. I have both sitting in my garage and have never used them because they dont tell you jack $#!@ about our cars.