Question on fuel filter?


I would like to depressure the fuel lines to replace gas filter. But I dont want to use the rail to depressurized the fuel system. I have the windshield fuel gauge hooked up to the rail, and its a pain in the ass to reconnect everything after if I use that area because of leaks. Can I start the car, pull the fuse and wait til it shuts off. Then system is depressurized , Which fuse?, the relay on the side fender?
Eh, I’m sure someone will have a better way to do it, but I just crack the fitting loose(on rear of filter), slowly loosen, allow it to depressurize & drain into a bucket.

Maybe not the best way, it’s they way I’ve done it for years & hey, the car & I are still here.😬😂😂
If you haven't driven it for a while the lines may have dropped pressure already.

The swap itself is quick, just be ready to smell like gas for a bit.
Start the car and either unplug the connector to the tank at the rear bumper or pull the fuse for the hot wire kit on the back of the alternator.
If you don’t have a hot wire kit yet, the bumper connector.