Newbie needing advise


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I'm currently working on a 95 regal gs (2door) more specifically changing engine's. The orig. had only 50K and blew up on fiance's father on his way home from work. It was a 3800 (standard) . I recently came across a deal i thought was too good to pass up. It is a supercharged version from a 95 olds. My question is what little problems(or big) can i run into while making the swap if any? I am used to small block chevy's and know most the "tricks of the trade" sort of speak but i am new to buickas well as the V6. any and all hint/tips are welcome Thank You
If you do a swap be sure to get wire harness, ECM, fuel pump, or tank. Look a fuse block to see if you need it to. Do your home work. Maybe they have all the same stuff, but be sure to check!