Newbie question


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Feb 5, 2004
i would like a low 12 sec gn, how much will it take to get this? i should have the money to get it down there, but i would like to hear what you guys did
thanks, jason
#1 Scan tool & general (spring cleaning) tuneup
#2 fuel pump & adjustable fuel pressure regulator
#3 good chip
#4 adjustable WG actuator
#5 sticky tires
#6 race gas or alcohol injection
tune & learn to drive it.
#7 bigger turbo

It takes more patience than money.
There are alot of different ways to do it. Depends on if you want to do it safe or cheap. It can be done for under $500.00. It's just a matter of how much on the edge you want to run it. I prefer safe to usually ends up being expensive eventually

DON'T neglect #1. It is the single most important thing to do to any turbo Regal.