NIB Centerline convo pro fronts 15x3.5s

Sold pending payment. RUQWKNF27, if the deal falls through you're next in line. They are new in the box. I took one out to look at it.

^%$$^%*(()*&)(*&(*&_#@% that pisses me off oh well, figured I would get them as it looked as if know one else wanted them... Anywho put me next in line I will take them!!
Guys, I'm having some issues with hotmail. I emailed everyone who emailed me. Haven't got any responses. Then, I get " undeliverable" messages from the postmaster. At this point, I'm not sure what's what.

RUQWKNF27, I waited for your reply after I got jerked around by the first guy. When you didn't respond, I told someone else they could have them. I need em gone quick. Now, I'm not even sure if he wants them. Haven't got confirmation.

I don't mean to be jerking anyone around here.