Nice Used Bumper Fillers

Bob Smith

Jun 21, 2005
I have a used OEM passenger front filler and a used fiberglass drivers side filler. Both are in very good condition. The OEM front is still pliable, but will need repainted. The fiberglass rear has a nick as shown in the pictures. These are $50.00 each, plus shipping.


  • front filler.jpg
    front filler.jpg
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  • side front filler.jpg
    side front filler.jpg
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  • back front filler.jpg
    back front filler.jpg
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Rear Filler

Here are some pictures of the rear filler


  • rear filler.jpg
    rear filler.jpg
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  • side rear filler.jpg
    side rear filler.jpg
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  • nick rear filler.jpg
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  • back rear filler.jpg
    back rear filler.jpg
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How much for shipping to N2N 2L3 Ontario, Canada?

[edit] never mind, just realized you don't have both fronts.