Nitrous, and a big Turbo


Mar 17, 2002
Ok well heres my thought I want to run with the big dogs so heres my plan...
Please pick it a part and tell me why it hasen't really been done before.

Why no run a shot of Nitrous to help spool a larger turbo. I understand it will be laggy with out the nirtous but when I run I and set up to run and other times I a on a mild tune and racing is out of the question. I wanted to put a small shot of nitrous to help get the car out of the hole. I have a small convertor 3400 stall.

Will this work or can I use the nitrous for roll racing as well...
Please inform me. thanks
What size turbo are you looking at?

A 3400 stall isn't small. You can run a pretty big dual BB turbo with that converter. One thing you'll need to make it happen is good intake and exhaust or you're just kinda shooting yourself in the foot.
Tune that damned car first:D

For the price of a nitrous kit you could upgrade a "big" turbo to a ball bearing turbo. I assume you are talking about something like a TE45A. If so you should be able to run it on your car with everything else that is there without too much of a problem. It would be more turbo than you would actually be able to use but would make some awesome power.

BTW, he has 50lbers ported heads 3"DP & exhaust and a liquid intercooler so a TE45A isn't totally out of the question.

Check in the turbo section, I want to say the CPT65 is comparable to the TE45A but has better spool, that would probably be about right for you to have a slightly larger turbo than needed:D :D
well how about just a shot of nitrous when I need it at full throttle and just use less boost. Has anyone sprayed like a 100 shot or so... How di it work
Ok.. whats the horsepower limit of your short block?

Unless you have a girdle or steel caps.. plan on 600 flywheel. especially since you wanna run NAWZ to get it there.

You can make 600 flywheel with a TE44 or PT51 turbo... you wanna play with a turbo thats good for 800 HP.. thats ok..just keep a shovel handy in the hatch for the day your scooping parts off the road.

There is a limit to the horsepower the stock shortblock can handle.. So why get a turbo thats capable of 700+ when your motor isnt?

makes sense.. becuase you have bolt ons doesnt mean you have the foundation to keep adding stress.

If your goals are a mid 10 sec timeslip, build a 9 second motor, and everything about it 9 seconds. if you like running a lower stall converter for drivability, the shoot it with NOS to get it spool'd. but have a forged bottom end with a girdle/ steel caps.