nitrous instead of intercooler


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Oct 24, 2003
i have a 85 hot air motor im putting in a 96 camaro, now i was thinking of spraying like a 50-75 wet or dry kit, what do u think the effects will be, should i go dry or wet kit?
has anybody done it that u know and if so where should i tap in the NOS nozzle??
any info will help thanks
Nitrous isnt an innercooler..

You want charge air temps lowered, use alcohol/water injection or get propane.

You want to use NOS then get C16 race gas and let'r rip. Especially on a hot air motor. imagine the mix, Hot non-innercooled air(makes detonation) coupled with NOS(makes detonation) boy ya got a recipe for destruction.

Definetely wet..

Good luck.
we have 110 leaded fuel down here
so it will be safe running a hot air motor with like a 75 shot?
what is this i was hearing about a knock gauge or knock in the motor what is that and how does it work??
i appreciate this
There is a sensor screwed in to the back of your block that picks up harmonics(frequencies) cuased by detonation. Also known as pinging, rattle, etc.. like when running on bad gas.. this sensor communicates with the vehicles ECM and tells it how bad its pinging.. also know as knock retard.. since when the motor pings, it pulls timing to aid it automatically..

Now a v6 Buick motor has cast pistons, a cast crank, two bolt mains, and is 6 cylinder displacement. It will not handle too much detonation without hurting itself. Keep it from detonating, it can make upwards of 5-600 HP... ping it bad at 200 and your toast the crank, pop a head gasket, etc...

So we keep an eye on the detonation as the first line of tune on these motors. You do things to aggravate detonation, better be rite on your tune, else you'll rattle the motor, crunch the bearings, and be doing a rebuild in short order. you may have access to 110..the question is the car always going to be run on 110? If may have issues spraying it.

Go to the hot air section of the board and get familiar with your motor. It appears you have a lot of reading to do.. do it now before you hurt something.