Piles of junk to BG, bring a shovel


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I have a pile of random, unassorted turbo buick parts that came by the truckload with my car. I am not out to make a fortune, this stuff is dirty dirty, it's been sitting in a barn for God knows how long. I just don't have the use or the space for any of it, and it needs to go. Better if somebody that wants it takes it than for me to throw it away.

I have: Classic Tube brake line kit. Bought by P.O. and opened, but none of it installed. Seems to be all there, just box is rough.
$150 obo

Standard lx338 module, acdelco coil pack, msd 8.5mm wires. Took off when I put tr6 on. I put the module and coil pack on it last fall, so they don't have more than a couple thousand miles.
Is $100 fair for all of it?

Additional module still in the package, bought from Kirban's by P.O. I don't know who Dennis was sourcing these from, so I can't say what it is exactly. $50?

Stock intercooler: dirty, but don't see any significant fin damage anywhere. It has hoses on it but I wouldn't use them.

Stock 86-7 turbo: with inlet bell, minus j bracket. Has shaft play, so it needs rebuilt

Charge pipe for intercooled car

Stock elbow and downpipe for ic car

Test pipe section from stock dp to hooker cat back

3 additional coil packs, one looks hot air. Unknown functionality, all the spades are intact for the module wires on the bottoms.

Two stock maf's. They're different, but both 2.5". I assume one is for a hot air car and one is for an ic car. I haven't tested them.

Digital dash: For a turbo car, was told it wasn't working right and was swapped out. Are these rebuilt anywhere?

Hot air headers and crossover. Looks like driver side is cracked in the usual spot.

Hot air intake manifold, has thermostat housing and egr contraption still on it.

Fuel rail, injectors, regulator, and injector harness for the HA manifold. Harness looks good, fuel rail is in good shape from outside. You know the drill, I'd throw injectors directly in the trash.

Tail light lenses. Black, but one is notably sun faded from the car sitting out the back of a shed. They came off the hot air car the other stuff came off of. The lenses are not busted or cracked that I can find, though.

Timing cover. Coated in gack, but I do not see any broken off bolts. Oil pump is in it.

Stock air box for ic car, has hole for ats. With inlet duct.

Again, I want to stress that from my perspective, a lot of this is probably junk. But it's in the trunk of the car, and it's going to bowling green. For the stock junk I don't have a price on, I will accept ANY REMOTELY REASONABLE OFFER. I will be there to enjoy the event as usual, and if I can make enough money for bbq on the way home, I'm satisfied. Most of the stuff is probably not worth shipping, which is why I'm taking it with me. At the end of the day, things like hot air headers will never be of any use to me, and I'd rather give them away than have them sit in my way.
Current status of stuff:
Stock ic air box sold
Hotair intake sold
Taillight lenses sold
Digital dash sold
Stock turbo core sold
Coil pack, module, wires, and spare module in package sold