Nitrous or no nitrous?


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Aug 7, 2001
I am thinking about using a NX wet system i have on my GN. I am wanting to use a 50 shot on top of 23 psi from 2nd gear on. I figure bump the fp up a little bit and leter rip. i figure the boost might creep a little but only to about 25 i correct? Is this an ok idea or not. What are my chances of blowin s**t up? Thanks alot.

Too much boost w/NOS. When you spray youll see about 3-4 more psi boost. Spray it off the line till say 15-20 psi and cut it off(using a hobbs switch). It should pick up 2-3 tenths. Be carefull w/amount of timing in chip also,really shouldn't be more than stk chip. If you turn boost back u can spray the whole 1/4mile but you need a scan tool to watch for knock and lean mixture/both can ruin your engine before you can lift your foot off the throttle!

ITSAV6 is right on the money here. he mentions the switch because realistically this and a NOS controller are the only way to do it with the unbelievably small amount of time you have in order to be careful. too much NOS with that amount of boost and KA-BLAM ! use it down low and you should be safe but MAKE sure u USE THE SWTICH OR or some type of CONTROLLER. if u don't then you're going to be re-building your motor when everyone else is racing.

- Monte on the 200+ shot of juice. :D
- going Twin T next year & NOS :eek:
I agree, my experience is with 50hp shot you will see 2lb increase in boost(I have gottten 2-3 with 75hp shot). But I would back the time 2-3 degrees for the nitrous. A control will be nice to help with traction, it can get difficult with an instant 50hp shot of the line unless it is a good track. And WATCH THE FUEL PRESSURE!!!