Nitto opinions?


I am looking at a set of these tires and wondering if anybody has any opinions on them.

Nitto 'Extreme Performance' (?) NT 450
They work good on the street. Not bad in the rain. They do spin but recover pretty quick. I can't hold them at the track for S*** but my car isn't exactly stock.

I would think the 450's would make a good front tire on a TR.

Haven't tried them myself since I don't think they make a 15" size I wanted.

I would also think you would want the 555's DR's out back for traction. :)
Oops.. I was talking about the 555 Extreme drags. I run the 450 on my 3kGT and they are a good performance tire. Never tried them on the GN.

555's are a good all-around tire. You do have to heat em up to get them to stick though. I had the BFGs before, and they didnt last long. Scary on anything but dry good roads. I could use the 555s in any weather without problems. They will last longer too. If you dont drive on the street a lot, more of a track car, then BFGs would probably be better. But if you generally just drive it on the street, the Nittos are better for that.
I have the 450's on the fronts, and I really dont think they are all that great. They feel like they wander around too much. I had BFG Comp T/As on before, and they were twice the tire the 450s are. Worth the extra $$$.
Before I put drag radials on, I ran 245/50ZR16s BFG Comp T/As. Very nice tires. The 450s are a cheap tire, relatively hard compound. They wear long, but traction is not very good with them, plus they track the small changes in the road surface, so they feel like they wander. I wouldnt even dare to use them on the rear, not nearly enough traction for my car.